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Landlord past

Thank you for this group. A place to rant. This, lady and gents, is in Iowa.

A few years back I had to move in with a relative that was renting from a family friend. Said relative never did tell me how bad the place was nor the arrangement he had with the owner. I had to move in quickly, no choice, as job loss due to down sizing caused a problem with my then current housing situation.

The horror of it allCollapse )

So that's my bad landlord story.

Hello, CW here, and I do need to rant.

I really want to smack my land lady right now, but I knew it'd get me in more trouble than it's worth. The oven have been broken for MONTHS and she does not want to replace it. I finally thought 'fine, I'm sick of it, I'm moving.' I find this nice place to move to. What does the IDIOT of a landlord do? Call my future landlord to tell her that I'm moving because of bed bugs.

Now my future landlord is scared to rent to me, despite you know, I TOOK CARE OF THE BED BUG PROBLEM ALLREADY! I already plan on stopping at the laundromat before moving in to wash the clothes to make sure I'm not bringing anything with me. The few furniture pieces I own I am going to cheak over thoroughly. They are wood, so it's no big deal. I am going to buy a new mattress for the place. I had everything planned out already to make sure I'm not bringing any hitchhikers along with me.

So according to her:

I'm not moving because this place is too small for me and I have no where to put anything anymore, or her neglecting to replace my stove, (or the roaches, which were there when I moved in.) I'm not moving to get out of this bad area of town, or the fucking druggies that rent in this complex too. Or even moving to somewhere where it'd be closer to a bus stop so I won't have to walk five blocks in the bitter cold. I'm moving because of bedbugs. She had the gall to pick up the phone and CALL the new landlord, to sabotage me.

My current psychotic landlords....

Okay, here's what's up. My landlords are total psychotic douchebags. While I was in NYC in March, they came in here without my consent or knowledge to look at the a/c unit. Even if I was out of town, they had to tell me that they needed to go in. I came back on 3/22 and she didn't tell me that they had been in here until 4/5! She said she was "appalled" at the condition my place was in, i.e. dishes in the sink, etc. and that she'd told me before I left that I needed to make sure it was clean in here (what is she? My mother?).

I was pissed enough about that as it was but yesterday just took the cake. I had told her that I was going to be late on the rent because we didn't get paid until the 10th. I did not receive the bonus at work I was assured I was going to get so my paycheck was less than $400, which did not cover what I owed them. I understand she's mad about that. I get it, but what she did today is/was inexcusable. She came POUNDING my door at 9 am and I had been in the bathroom so I wasn't sure if I was hearing things right. I then hear her voice shouting towards me that she was at the shop next door (they run a stained glass business) if I wanted to bring her rent to her. I didn't understand what she said at first but put it together later. I go back to sleep for a couple of hours because I wasn't feeling well. A little after noon, I got up again to go to the bathroom when I hear her pound again. I hear her SHOUTING from the outside of the unit about wanting her money. I then hear the door open that had been locked and I heard her WALK IN TO MY APARTMENT again telling me she was going to be at the shop another 10 minutes and she wanted rent NOW.

By this point, I was absolutely livid. What gave her the right to come in UNANNOUNCED, using her key to open my locked door, to storm in here to demand rent from me? I realize I owe them but that's illegal, am I right? I looked up Indiana tenant law and it says:

"(f) A landlord may enter the dwelling unit:
(1) without notice to the tenant in the case of an emergency that threatens the safety of the occupants or the landlord's property; and
(2) without the consent of the tenant:
(A) under a court order; or
(B) if the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the dwelling unit.
(g) A landlord:
(1) shall not abuse the right of entry or use a right of entry to harass a tenant;
(2) shall give a tenant reasonable written or oral notice of the landlord's intent to enter the dwelling unit; and
(3) may enter a tenant's dwelling unit only at reasonable times.
As added by P.L.2-2002, SEC.16. Amended by P.L.115-2007, SEC.6."

Basically, they had no right to enter where *I* live, regardless of whether or not they own the building, and harass me as she did. She now wants rent by Monday. I haven't gotten a formal eviction notice and I WAS accepted at the apartments where my best friend is in Newburgh, IN. I have to find someway to get $200 as a security deposit so I can ensure I'll have a place to live. Coincidentally, I'll be at the opposite end of the same building as the BFF. I can't stay on this side of town for less than $400 a month and I HAVE to leave this place. Just to give you an idea, I live in Evansville, Indiana. Newburgh and the new apartment is only about 4 miles from where I currently live which is the east side of Evansville.

I really LIKE the complex in Newburgh. It's nice, it's quiet, I have a strong support system, and it's manageable given my budget and what not. I cannot stay here especially since I predict my landlords only getting worse from here. I can't even begin to imagine how many times they've possibly been in here when I DIDN'T know it. I don't know how much longer I can deal with these people. I also dread to know what is yet to come. What do I do? I appreciate absolutely any and all advice I can get here!

Experiences with ex-landlord

Where do I start? As a college student who is low on money, like all college students, I had to resort to low cost housing for accommodation during college. I originally thought my first experience living alone in a student house under a landlord would not be hell, that it would be fun. And it had been, except for the landlord...

I'm not going to post the landlord's actual name or the student house address. Why? Cause the landlord is sue-happy and owns a ton of property and is a millionaire. You know the type, the one that wears fancy clothes, comes up the driveway with a different vehicle every time, and the distinguishable arrogance that comes with certain millionaires found distinctly on my landlord. So this blog is for me to vent and to share my experiences with a bad landlord so others can learn from it. So to start, before I moved in the house, my landlord said he had moved the rental property to a different place and thus raised the rent on me. He told me this four days before I was about to actually move in. Before that, I had paid the first and last month of rent. And the increase in rent applied to that. He made me pay the extra rent on the months I had already paid for. Naturally, I saw this as a red flag but this was the only place to I could get to stay near the college I was attending and could not see other houses as I lived several hundred miles away.

I move in, the landlord is in a rush and gives me the lease and the keys. Everything looks fine, except he stuck me in a room that has no lights (I got a weak powered lamp instead), no window at all, two double doors with the door knob installed crooked, no LOCKS that worked on the door (mind you, both doors had to be locked). So I ended up with an insecure door lock. Not good. Then I look in the kitchen to find out that the oven/stove is from the 1940's, there is no microwave, there is no internet, there is no cable, and there is no table/chairs. All of which was promised in the rental ad. We did eventually get internet though, after three weeks. And the internet my landlord got was complete shit. He picked the cheapest plan he could find and then divide it among all twelve housemates. Plus, get this, he put a 10 megabyte daily limit download, not per user, but for ALL users. So if someone in the house downloaded more than five songs at once, the internet shut down for the rest of us housemates for a while. More like 45 - 50 minutes. Not that I kept track of it. So the other housemates ended up providing the microwave, chairs, table, etc. And me and my housemates paid for cable ourselves to use. Although only 5 of the 12 rooms had working cables...

Back to my insecure locks...

So of course not having locks that would actually work made me want to buy one that would. So I did and talked to my landlord about installing it and this is what he said: "Of course you can put up a new lock, but just makes sure it is bronze and tiny so it doesn't mess with the exterior decoration of the doors" (i.e, there was another room with double doors with a tiny, bronze lock) And he also "suggested" that since I'm getting a new lock , to put one up on the other room with double doors. He did that because I said my uncle, who is a locksmith, would put on the new lock for free. He just laughed and laughed at the idea that my uncle would help me out for free. Now, before I put the new lock up, I had someone breaking in my room and stealing from me.

So all of this above, occurred over several months. Now the reason I didn't act on this sooner was because I did not have anything valuable in there since I kept my wallet with me all the time and no one else, up until Christmas break, actually knew about my door locks. So just before Christmas break, while I was SLEEPING, someone went into my room and stole 10 dollars from me. I found this out the next day when I looked in my wallet and discovered some of my money was missing. Since it was the last day of class before the break and I couldn't stay longer at the house, I emailed my landlord and told him of the situation and he said he would take care of it. That he would replace my locks. Now this is something that he legally has to do, and he agreed to it. So I come back from Christmas break, to find that my room is COMPLETELY TRASHED. Good thing I took all of my valuables with me over the holidays. The only thing taken was my sense of safety and well being. There was cum in my bed sheets, cheese slices over the floor. My books hidden, etc. I found out that the lock that my landlord promised he would fix, was never fixed. And I also found out that he WENT into my room and arranged my things around so that in case anyone who broke in would have a hard time finding my stuff. According to him it was much easier than getting a new lock. So...

Fast forward to when my uncle does the landlord's job...

My uncle installed the lock and I was safe and sound. So I asked my landlord about moving out in a month. I mean, I had my room broken into a couple times. What sane person would still live there with people who would do that? I asked him to end my lease since he is supposed to legally allow that, with the 60 day time frame and all. So what is his reply? He threatens to sue me. So after negotiating over the months and seeking legal advice, I finally got him to agree to end my lease early, four months before it would end.

Now here's the punchline...

He wanted me to pay for his expenses for moving out. That is, paying for his online advertisement of my room. Now mind you, he is very greedy so I looked at his advertisement for my room online. Before I go further, there were two other housemates leaving the same time I was. So how could he cope with the financial burden of advertising three rooms? He meshed all three rooms into a one month advertisement. Now I could care less about that as lots of landlords do that butt he cost of his ad was $25.00. This is what he did: he made all three housemates pay $25 each for the ad (including me). So he made $50 right then and there for nothing...He ripped all of us off.

And then there's the thing about refusing to give back deposits. He never gave my deposit back. But since it was only $100, I didn't really care and nor did I have the time to get it back. Plus it was my parents who paid the deposit. I paid for everything else. He also refused to give back the deposits to a lot of other tenants.

Now for some fun stuff my landlord did:

- He walked right into one of my housemates rooms at 11 pm.....on a friday night.....

- Came at random times and threw all dirty dishes into the trash

- Installed a fire extinguisher that doesn't work ( I was drunk so it felt appropriate at the time to use it)

- Installed a new lock on the garage door and never gave any of the tenants the key so he basically locked all of us out of the garage

- He leased the parking spaces (there were three of them) to the tenants. So for that unlucky fourth bastard who has a car and needs to park it will get it towed and be charged for it

- His parents slept in one my housemates rooms over night essentially leaving him to sleep on the couch

- He occasionally brings his family, including his loud six year old children, into the house and stay there for quite a while. They watched a movie one time there in the basement. I guess his own house was too good for him sometimes...

- Put a shoe rack in the house and bitched every time if there was footwear not on the shoe rack.

- Lied a lot about pretty much everything. Even lied to my parents and got them mad at me until I showed them how much of a prick this guy was.

- Swore a lot at me over the phone because I phoned him too much and he didn't want to hear my whining. I'm pretty sure I never phoned him more than a dozen times over my whole 8 month stay.

- Never doing repairs or taking a long time to do them. Such as taking a week to get the heater repaired etc. Or never repairing the multiple holes in the walls.

- Well, this is my very long rant of what was a terrible landlord experience. Other than that, the parties and housemates were awesome and I smoked a lot of pot after every time my douche landlord came over. Oh, and I got a 86 average for my grades :)

Shady landlord hell: very long.

  Hi, I'm seeking stories of similar experiences, ways to prevent this from happening to others and any advice for what I might be able to do legally.
  I moved into an oversized "apartment" that was more like a studio in August of '08.  The rent was prorated for the 7 days at the end of August when I moved in, giving me a lease from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31 of '09.  Upon moving in, the landlord told me, in front of witnesses, that he understood if I needed to break the lease early and would be understanding and work with me.  I did not do this.
  I had to pay a month's rent for the security deposit, and he assured me that tenants always receive this back in full unless there is damage to the apartment.  The bathtub faucet was rusting, and there were dark streaks of worn-in dirt that could not be scrubbed from the tub.  There are water spots on the skylight which one of his workers pointed out to him.  Large paint chips fell off the walls, and though he told me that these old buildings always have lead, but I won't die or anything, he's a lead inspector.  I reported that the oven was emitting black smoke setting off the smoke alarm at any temperature and did not regulate heat in October, and after sending a formal letter, he finally replaced this in June.  Note that I first insisted that being on the 4th floor and far from the gas tanks, a safety/shut off valve needed to be installed.  I left for a weekend and returned to find that the pilot lights were out filling my apartment with the smell of gas.  I called the gas company first, then told him about the situation.  "Oh, well I'll be there sometime this week, you can order pizza 'til then."
  Did I mention the sewage in the backyard?  During my first week of living there, there was what appeared to be human feces and toilet paper just outside of the basement door in the backyard, and this was after telling him about the soap suds that we saw bubbling up.  This was eventually cleaned up with what smelled like pineSol.
  During the stove replacement debacle, the landlord asked if I'd mind keeping the door unlocked and letting him have my key because his didn't work so well, and he wasn't sure if he had one.  I pointed out that if people had been coming in to tell him that the black smoke and smell in my stove was probably just leftover cleaning products, then *someone* besides me had a key.
  All of this to say that it was a hell year.  Even so, I stuck to the lease and didn't bail on the guy.  I found a place that seemed promising at the beginning of August and gave him notice on Tues. 8/4.  Admittedly, this meant 27 rather than 30 days notice.  He claimed, at that point, that he was going to have to seriously think about the deposit because I was trying to screw him.  That he was good to me by putting in a brand new stove and ceiling fan to replace the sparking one.  I pointed out that though I appreciate it, this was for the betterment of the rental property overall.  We had another conversation upon my moving out where he told me that the amount he would give back would depend on when he could get someone to move in.  I told him that security deposits are for damages, not to cover the time it takes to find a new renter.
  This brings me to yesterday.  I received a certified, handwritten letter saying that due to the lease terms of August 23, (this is when I moved in, but remember, the lease was for Sept. through Aug.), he was going to use the security to pay for Sept. rent.
  I cannot find my copy of the lease anywhere and am afraid that it disappeared during the packing/moving frenzy.  I have witnesses of most all of the verbal communication that I had with him, for what it's worth.
  I'm wondering a few things.  Does anyone have resources for what I can do in terms of rent in the Baltimore area?  If I can't get my money back, is there someplace that I can put a warning out for any future renters of his?  Phrases like "I'm not going to wrip you off", "I'm not going to be cheap about it", "You can sit here, I won't do anything", and "You'd have to sit in my lap to get through there" were common occurrences, and did I mention the neighbor experiencing psychosis who apparently threatened to "get him" and his request for me not to discuss that, his arrest for building damage, etc. with the other teneants?  Money or not, nobody should be paying exorbitant amounts of rent ($825, yes, I was desperate when I signed on) to this guy.  If any of the things mentioned sounds like something that could be investigated in order to force him to be up to living codes, information about that would be great as well.
  Thanks for reading: it's been a very long process!
Just need to rant a bit.

Now, it should be noted that I have never lived in an apartment complex before, so if I'm wrong to be annoyed, feel free to tell me. But we (me and my brother) moved into this apartment on the first of August. We only signed for 6 months, and because of that had to take the apartment as-is, but if any repairs needed to be done, we just had to put in a maintenance form.

So my room had some water damage around the window, with the paint cracked and peeling. I didn't think much of it, because I wanted to repaint anyway, the walls are disgusting. Except then we had some days of rain and I realized that, well, it wasn't just a matter of paint peeling off.

Apparently there is a leak at the top of the window, and plaster has been falling off the wall. It is a mess. And has revealed that there's a whole bunch of holes in the wall that appear to just have been filled in with something that's kind of... easy to dent.

Okay, says I, I'll just put in a maintenance form. Which I did. A week ago. There has been absolutely no response, not even a phone call or a visit to look at it. Zip. Nada. On Monday I plan on putting another form in spelling out that it's a health hazard, and I'll be trying to contact my landlady directly.

Those of you living in an apartment building, is waiting so long with no communication normal? Or should I be pounding on the landlady's door? I'm pretty non-confrontational with strangers (IRL anyway) and don't want to get in someone's grill if this is standard behaviour.
Hello, i am at the end of my rope right now...

Read more...Collapse )

I'm moving out soon *does a happy dance*

bad_landlords, you might not be hearing any more stories from me about my shithead landlord, because I finally decided to move out and find a better place to live. A much, much better place.

.....Okay, also he's evicting me because he needs a place to live as he's going through a divorce -- boohoo, so sad.

(Of course, I'll still be around to read & mod this community.)

SO! Here's what I'm doing to prepare my suite for his arrival:

-My cat barfed on the carpet in my room. Twice. Two big orange stains. Did I clean it? No.

-The toilet seat broke a while back and I've just been using the toilet without a seat on top, so before he gets here, I'll replace the seat on to the toilet, so that it looks like it's stable, and then when he sits on it he'll get a nice surprise :)

-Someone actually suggested I leave an open jar of peanut butter laying around in the garage to attract mice/rats. But that would be a waste of perfectly good peanut butter and I'm not made of money here.

Sure, I'm a huge bitch for doing this but he is a BAD fucking landlord, so now he's gonna get what he deserves.
I have a nice landlord and an awesome apartment. What I lack is a lease and proper communication.

I have a friend who's mom bought her a condo so that she could move out rent-free while the mother paid the mortgage. I move in with a really simple lease, it basically says I will pay the rent, she can't kick me out, and anyone else who moves in with me will pay rent. I figured all was good, I keep things nice, and that's that.

About a month into living here, my friend mentions that her mom is going to come by every couple of weeks to make sure the place is kept clean. Wait... what? My landlord is going to come over and inspect? And I don't get a choice? Not kosher.

Also, her father kept coming over with stupid reasons, like to fix my shower door which didn't really need fixing. Now, if he actually fixed it that would be one thing, but he came over about 5 times to look at it and decided he didn't want to pay to have it done, cause the additional4 inspections were really necessary at that point. One time I had been cooking in the morning before having to run out so there was some cut up onion on a cutting board in the kitchen, which was still pretty clean. He spent 10 minutes telling me how fucked up it was the way we were living and I shouldn't be living in a place this nice. My landlord's husband actually said how I was living was "fucked up" at least three times because of a dirty cutting board.

Along the way, other rules started popping up. It was known I was going to be getting a cat when I moved in back in March, and the only reason I haven't adopted one yet is because I've had unsteady work doing various well paying temp jobs, I figured I didn't want to kill a cat if I was left unemployed with no way to afford cat food. After I discussed with my landlord that I wanted a cat and we discussed things like where I'd be keeping the litter box, she said it was fine with her. About three weeks later, my roommate informed me that her mom wanted to do 5 inspections that were spotless before I could get a cat. Unfortunately my roommate is disgusting to the point of leaving dirty underwear underneath the coffee table for weeks, so she kept her mom from coming over for months, so even if I were to be in a situation to adopt a cat I still wouldn't be able to due to a combination of arbitrary rules and my roommate's filth.

I also just found out last night that my landlord is planning on doubling the rent when the lease is out, which is 2 weeks after school starts. We had been talking about me being here for years, but apparently she had this plan since a month before I even moved in, so I don't know what I'm going to do.


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