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apt complex w/ complex probs.

i live in an apartment complex. last year, i lived in a different building within the community and had no problems whatsoever. it was a roommate and myself. we went our different ways, then my boyfriend and i got a one bedroom in the same complex. they put us in a building, this time, with paper thin walls (talk about hearing everything going on around you... creepy.) the walk through was fine, except our screen door for the patio was broken. the leasing agent wrote this on our lease and said "maintenance will be here immediately to fix it." this was april 3, and it is now july 4. needless to say, that never happened, despite me calling twice afterward. you know, through a walk-through all you basically do is make sure things work properly. it wasn't until a couple days later that i noticed all of these things were fucked up. the light socket above our bathroom sink was split entirely. there were paint marks EVERYWHERE. whatever morons repainted the apartment when the last tenants moved out really, really sucked. there were streaks of paint everywhere, all over the carpet, on the tile floors, on the fridge! our front door, my brother ended up tampering with because those assholes never came when i called them THREE times! the front door, unlocked, would open whenever someone else closed their door in their building. my brother had to recut the indentation for the knob so the pieces would interlock instead of just rest against each other with no support and swing open all of the time. a 2-3 weeks into things, our fridge stops working. we dropped off rent a week early for may, and told them about it. it took them three days to get to the fridge, meanwhile all of our shit went bad that we had in the fridge. since it had just been payday recently, a good amt. of our groceries had to be thrown out. Ugh. THEN, at one point, our garbage disposal starts leaking water down underneath the sink. it leaks everrrrywhere, to the point of puddles. the dishwasher does this, too, when running, soap leaks out of it even though it is locked! call maintenance, wait... nothing. the office calls me and asks "how was maintenance's service?" i say "what service? they never came." immediately the lady is infuriated and tells me they will be there asap. maintenance guy comes and is bewildered by what happened, and says whoever did this job did a piss poor shit job. he'll be back tomorrow to fasten something because he needs to order a part. he never comes. but it works okay for now so whatever. i guess this is more of the entire maintenance staff SUCKING and not necessarily the landlord. except for the next thing: our rent is due the 3rd of every month. ever since i've been renting apts, i always hand in my rent up to a week early... y'know, whenever i have the money. two days ago, they drop a letter on the door step of my door (as well as everyone else's in my building) stating that rent is PAST DUE and we're in delinquent status, blahblah.) i go to the office when i see the notice to drop off the check i've had sitting in my top drawer for the past couple days. i've been sick, so haven't been going out and figured when i had to go out on the 3rd, i'd just pay it then, and in the meantime rest. my boyfriend found the paper while checking the mail and i couldn't believe they were doing this shit. i grabbed my lease to find to show them, but the office was closed by the time i went to drop off the check. i'm so annoyed by this. not only is it in my lease, but it was in these blue sheets they dropped off to all of the apartments a couple months ago with "new policies." the very first thing was a -friendly reminder- to all tenants that rent is considered late past the third. my lease started on april 3, 2009 and ends april 2, 2010. ugh... so i don't understand why i'm in "delinquent status" since i've always a) paid early (even this time when i got my "notice"!) grrr!!! of course, i was so busy the 3rd i didn't have a chance to call during office hours. and today they are closed for 4th of july, as with saturday and sunday, so i'll have to wait til monday to even discuss this... blah!
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