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bad_landlords's Journal

Bad Landlords
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Where you can rant & rave about how shitty your landlord is.
Welcome to bad_landlords, created by cookiepartyyy and maintained by cookiepartyyy and westly_roanoke.

Bitch and moan about your landlord, landlady, land-whoever.

basic rules.

1. Posts must have to do with your landlord/landlady.

2. No racist/sexist/blah blah blah shit. Ie., don't call your landlady a cunt because she's female or your landlord a chink because he's Chinese. 'Nuff said.

3. Swear all you want. In fact, its encouraged.

4. I don't really care what format your post is in as long as you don't post as a giant block of text, because it's hard to read and annoying. Also, if you have a longer entry, you may want to use a LIVEJOURNAL-CUT, or LJ-CUT.